inclusion of covid-19

Inclusion of COVID-19 Cases


Inclusion of COVID-19 – The World Health Organisation has declared the COVID -19 as Pandemic. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We have notified the list of designated Government and Private hospitals for treatment of COVID -19 patients completely at Free of cost. Considering the wide spread of COVID – 19 in the State.

  1. Further, in view of the present situation consequent to the incidence of COVID-19 in the State, the Government instructed to start the isolated rooms/ wards / Blocks in all the private hospitals to treat the suspected COVID – 19 cases duly following the safety measures.
  2. In view of increase in the no. of COVID -19 cases in the State, it is very much necessary to utilise the services of the Private hospitals to treat the COVID patients and there is urgent need to fix the rates in Private hospital during this pandemic.
  3. Government after careful examination of the recommendations of the Committee, hereby decided to accept the same and accordingly issue the following orders.

Inclusion of COVID-19 Prices for Treatment

The Technical Committee has designed Per day cost-based on packages for Critical and Non Critical care for COVID – 19 Cases. The following package cost is fixed for the treatment of COVID -19 cases.

Total Cost per day for Non Critical and Critical Care for COVID – 19 cases
Includes Medical Personnel, PPE, Disinfection, Investigations, Medicines, Nutrition etc











Per day



Non    Critical



Non Critical COVID   19 Treatment per day  












Critical   Care



ICU without ventilator &without NIV (Nasal O2, CPAP, BIPAP, HFNO) per day  




ICU with NIV (Nasal O2, CPAP, BIPAP, HFNO) per day  


4 ICU with ventilator per day 9580
5 SEPSIS without ventilator per day 6280
6 SEPSIS with ventilator per day 10380


Septic Shock/ MODS with ventilator per day  


*In non Aarogyasri hospitals, if patient prefers to stay in a private room, an additional amount of Rs. 600/- can be charged a part from the price fixed for Non Critical COVID – 19 cases.

Inclusion of COVID-19 Note

  • The Breakup for the above cost worked out is detailed in Annexure – I of the order.
  • The mandatory investigations which need to be done for each procedure is in Annexure – II of the order.
  • The indications for the Non-Critical COVID -19 positive category are Fever, Sore Throat, cough etc and Chest X ray should be normal.


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