Teacher Information System Servers

TIS Servers Updated

What is Teacher Information System Servers (TIS) ?

Teacher Information System Servers meant for collecting teachers basic details. To avoid rush, Department provided different five servers for each district.

Purpose of TIS

School Education Department would like to conduct teacher transfers shortly. For this every teacher in School Education Department have to update their basic details in official website.

TIS Servers – I

 S.No  District TIS Server Link
 1  Srikakulam
 2  Vijayanagaram
 3  Visakhapatnam

TIS Servers – II

 S.No  District TIS Server Link
 1  East Godavari
 2  West Godavari


TIS Servers – III

 S.No  District TIS Server Link
 1  Krishna https://scert.ap.gov.in/DSE/officialLogin.do
 2  Guntur
 3  Prakasam

TIS Servers – IV

 S.No  District TIS Server Link
 1  Nellore
 2  Kadapa
 3  Kurnool

TIS Servers – V

 S.No  District TIS Server Link
 1  Ananthapur
 2  Chittor


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