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Duty Pass during COVID-19 Generate Pass – Process

Duty Pass during COVID-19 Generate Pass – Process – School Education Department Officials instructed all teachers to attend schools. In this time we have to keep ID card or Pass with us. We made a simple script to generate pass easily.

Generate Pass or ID Card


Go to this link –

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You will find drop down boxes to select your school details to generate pass.

  • Select Your District
  • Select Your Mandal
  • Select Your School
  • Then Click on Get Staff Details button.

generate pass

If above drop down not working, find DISE code entry box and enter your school DISE code directly then click on Get Staff Details button.


  • On next page you will get staff details of that school.
  • You can see a default image before every teacher name. Click on that image to upload image for that teacher.

  • Image upload page like below. Browse photo (below 100kb) and click on submit.
  • You will get notification on successful upload of photo.
  • Next click on Click Here After Image upload button
  • Now you can see  that your image instead default image.
  • Follow same process to all teachers. You can upload concerned MEO/HM/DyEO sign image by click on upload signature image.
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  • After image upload, you can click on ID card button with sign or with out sign as per your requirement.
  • On next page you will get you ID card.
  • Click on Download ID card button to download id card. If button not working just simply take a screenshot.


  • On id card download page, find Download vehicle pass button
  • Just click on Download vehicle pass button
  • On next page your pass will be generated.
  • You can take print or download vehicle pass.


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