Treasury Department - Citizen Charter

Treasury Department – Citizen Charter Revised

Treasury Department – Citizen Charter Revised G.O.1982, Dated 27.07.2020 Issued.


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The Government of Andhra Pradesh have taken up I.T initiatives and implemented Comprehensive Financial Management System w.e.f., 01-04-2018 which facilitated the DDOs to furnish bills online without following the time table for presentation of bills round the clock and relieved the treasury department from activities of Budget authorization, Banking transactions and other facilities.

2. While implementation of the programme, a circular Memo was issued exempting the due dates for presentation of bills by the DDOs with a time frame fixed vide GO. Ms. No. 62, Finance (Cash and Debt Management) Department Dt. 16-04-2016 till the new system of CFMS Phase-I is streamlined.

3. The Government have taken a decision to reinforce the time schedule for presentation of bills by the DDOs and to revise the existing citizen charter issued vide ref 1st read above in the wake of successful implementation of CFMS Phase – I and also pilot introduction of CFMS Phase – II. 4. Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby decide to revise the Citizen Charter in Treasuries and Accounts Department.

Revised Citizen Charter

Sl. No. Nature of Work Existing Revised
1 Regular Salary bills Schedule time Schedule time
2 Supplementary bills 5 days 5 days
3 Loans and Advances 5 days 5 days
4 TA/TTA/FTA/LTC etc 5 days 4 days
5 Contingent bills 5 days 5 days
6 GPF Advances 3 days 3 days
7 Other bills 5 days 5 days
8 Forwarding of GPF authorization 3 days 2 days
9 Forwarding of transfer of PPOs 3 days 3 days
10 Refund bills 7 days 5 days
11 Adjustment bills of DA to GPF 7 days 5 days
12 Verification of missing credits GPF/

Class IV/CPS

7 days 5 days
13 Uploading of CPS 5 days


G.O.1982 Revised Citizen Charted Order – Available Now

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